Emotional Cartography

PROJECT: Exploring Carbondale
LOCATION: Carbondale, Illinois

Our daily routines ignore a vast amount of information 
the world feeds us daily, primarily  because today’s 
world is always on the run, easily distracted, and
commonly manipulated.  The primary purpose 
behind this project was to enhance familiarily with 
the surrounding environment we unknowingly 
associate ourself with.  Our sences are the determining 
factor in the next decision, direction, and movement 
we make.  With this understanding, I seek to focus on 
visual aids, more importantly color and how it may 
control our environment.

Our sences subcounsicouly explore the surrounding
world while we unknowingly can be manipulated by
laid out signs and symbols.  Aware of the psychological
effects of color and how they control our actions and
reactions, I decided to venture into a dominant color
controlled scenario.  Downtown Carbondale, Il was
the starting location, each following step controlled
by  ‘that’ dominating color.       

This devised experiment becomes an analysis tool to
better formulate theories subjective to our immediate
surrounding and the dominant colors found with in
them.  Designed for user interpretation, forcing each
indivisual to formulate a hypothesis based on color
and whether or not it unintentional or purposely
finds itself into our life.
Do we live in a:
		- Color dictated environment?
		- Environment dictated by color?

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