About DJBarchit

My name is Donald Joseph Butera and I’m an aspiring architect that wishes to change tomorrow’s world through sustainable design.  I recently graduated from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale where I obtained a bachelors degree in Architecture.  I intend to continue my education at a reputable university, yet undecided.

Beyond formal courses of instruction, I have learned that I have developed a passion for the art of design.  The opportunity to design and create is as much an emotional connection as it is a collaboration of form, function and space through imaginative uses of color and visual compositions.  A design concept based on visual aesthetics that provides an intriguing yet inviting  landscape on which to build.

Throughout my education I have been involved in numerous team-building exercises including design charrattes, competitions, and in-class projects.  Working in a team is one of the greatest benefits an individual can gain, specifically in a design built environment.  Speaking from personal experience it has afforded me with the ability to communicate efficiently, manage decisions accurately, and allow each member of a group to develop intellectually.  As an enthusiastic learner that is dedicated to providing the most professional result, I will not stop short of anything undesirable.  My reputation of possessing a strong work ethic carries with it additional skills such as efficient management of time and organizational habits.  The design built environment has evolved my ability to properly bring forth satisfactory solutions to various design problems.


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